How To Deal With Jealousy in a Relationship

Do you feel threatened when you see your boyfriend talking to an attractive person of the opposite sex a little more frequently than you would like? Feel uneasy when other people compliment your girlfriend? You are jealous, as are lots of people. But that there are lots of people in the same boat does not […]

He’s Broke, She’s Not: What People Think About Income Differences

Society has changed in the past few years, obviously fueled by faster sharing of information thanks to the internet. One of the aspects of society that is flowing is the view on income differences between men and women, and what it means for relationships. The traditional view has always been that men make the money while […]

6 Online Dating Mistakes to Avoid in 2017

The New Year, 2017, is here and although nothing inherently changes at midnight of 1st January apart from the numbers on clocks and calendars, there are always shifts in trends and people’s attitudes. One area that is bound to change as it always has been, is online dating. There will basically be more people and […]

How to Choose the Perfect Date Night Movie

Choosing the right date night movie is not always easy. Besides personal taste, the movies most ladies love are not necessarily what most men want to see. It’s about finding something that will take the both of you places, preferably to make-out land. Actually, to make out land. You might think, horror. Scary stuff will […]

Tips on Dating A Single Dad

If you are a lady that likes dating older men, chances are you have or soon will come across a single dad you’ll like.  But dating a single dad comes with different challenges even though it can be a great experience.  Apart from the usual problems all relationships come with, the kids make this a […]

How to Deal With a Bad Date

Online dating can be a huge anxiety fest. There is just no telling what kind of experience lies waiting around the corner, or if there is even any experience at all. That makes it interesting to some degree. The first date can be particularly nerve-wracking with lots of questions flying through your mind: will she […]

Are Romantic Movies Killing Your Relationship?

A team of researchers at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh carried out a study involving 40 most popular movies from 1995 to 2005, and hundreds of questionnaire respondents. At the end of the study, the psychologists found that different movies affected the relationships of fans in specific ways. For example, lovers of the movies ‘You’ve Got […]

How to Keep Work Stress Out of Your Relationship

The race for property and privilege seems to have gotten tighter over the years. Although there is more tech today than ever, people are still working just as long if not longer. There is more haste in the air and this is impacting lives on so many different levels. The stress brings health issues and […]