7 Things That Ladies Love in a Man

Men don’t just want any woman. They have certain traits they look for but the checklist is so short keeping one is pointless. Most men want their woman beautiful, smart and maybe one or two more traits and they are good to go. Women, on the other hand, tend to be a little more detailed than that. You cannot just be a good looking guy and expect women to swarm upon you like bees on honey. It’s a little more complicated than that. Here are top 7 things that make a great man in the eyes of women.


1. Ability to stand on his own

Being able to support yourself as a man can make you attractive to the ladies. You have to have your independence in all aspects of your life. This goes beyond just finances. A man who is constantly looking for advice, always uncertain what step to take, or constantly asking for help can be a turn-off. Before trying to bring a woman into your life, make sure you have one yourself. Be comfortable living by yourself, Have your own home, make your own money, and basically be the captain of your ship.

2. Confidence

Confidence ranks high up when it comes to things women love in a man. Hesitation and timidity are a deal breaker. It’s about feeling great about yourself, knowing that you are a capable person. But then things are not always going to go great for you; there will be failure here and there. You will approach a girl and she will turn you down, you will put your all in whatever endeavour and it will miserably fail. This is not exactly a test of your confidence. The test lies in how you handle your defeats. Confident people know that failing is part of life and is no indication of their self-worth.

3. Looks

Men are attracted by looks. Women are too, but this does not rank as high as the inner traits. That has to be great news since looks are not exactly earned. They are just given and no matter what a man does, he will only be so handsome. But that shouldn’t keep you from doing all you can to look your best, and certainly, doesn’t mean you can have lax hygiene and grooming. A sense of fashion, good grooming, healthy eating and exercise might go a very long way as far as your looks go.

4. Communication Skills

One thing that constantly breeds conflict between men and women is communication, specifically, poor or a total lack thereof. Men and women see things differently and the only unifier is communication. This can be hard since not only do men and women see things differently, they communicate in different ways. Women can be more detailed while men tend to focus only on the highlights. The good thing is that women are not looking for a chatter box. What most are dying for is a good listener.

5. Intelligence

You don’t have to be Stephen Hawking or Einstein. But again you shouldn’t be as dumb as a brick. That’s just not good, not just for getting women but for life in general. The problem is that you cannot just wake up and be intelligent for your date. That’s something you cultivate over a period of time. The key is to know your stuff and stick to it. Don’t open your mouth about topics you know nothing about. Most importantly, keep improving yourself.

6. A little Passion

You need to be passionate about something, preferably not some video game or some TV superhero. For obvious reasons, it has to be something worthwhile like some craft or your career. It can even be some cause like environmental preservation or animal conservations. But generally, passion in one field signals passion in other areas of your life. It shows you could be a passionate mate and a passionate lover.

7. Sense of Humour

Laughter is strange even though people do it before they can talk. It’s not exactly clear why we laugh, but the effects of laughing together are obvious. It makes people break their barriers and make it easy to connect. You don’t have to be a Jim Carrey, George Carlin, or Kevin Hart. But seeing the funny side of things does help. It makes you a more interesting person.