How to Make the First Move on a Girl if You’re Shy

Let me ask you a question. If you’re a single guy and you kind of know you lucked out a bit in the looks department – okay so you’re no Chris Hemsworth or Brad Pitt! If you’re in denial about your looks reach down deep and come to terms with the fact that this is […]

Secret Turn Ons That Will Boost Your Dating Game

Turning someone on, or being turned on, usually resonates with sensual assumptions. Although this remains true, try and remember that when you turn someone on mentally the physical term associated with turning someone on can often follow. In the dating game when it concerns men, if you are looking at how to turn your partner […]

Friends with Benefits Australia Dating Site

The term Friends with Benefits is becoming more popular but why? Does it work? How can it work?   Friends with benefits is a term loosely referred to as a casual relationship where two people try and maintain their friendship on a platonic and non-platonic arrangement. In this arrangement, either person can date multiple people […]

How to Deal With The Most Common Fears of Online Dating

There is a certain fear that comes with online dating. It may not be exactly fear for some, but there is always some amount of anxiety. That is normal, since you are putting yourself in a situation with so many possible outcomes. For most people, this is not a problem at all. But some just […]

How Jason’s Dating Nightmare Turned into Triumph

“I had been at it for 4 months without getting any reasonable results. Neither did I see any signs of success ahead. I broke up with my girlfriend after she cheated – twice. I thought I could try the internet to find someone but online dating just didn’t seem to work for me,” says Jason, […]

Conversation Starters for Picking up Girls

Several months ago-one of our loyal readers from North Brisbane dropped me an email asking if I could post some ideas and examples in relation to starting and maintaining engaging conversations with women. Sounds like a reasonable useful request so I started brainstorming some ideas online only to find mainly cheesy everyday hum-drum boring as […]

8 Signs you don’t Have to Worry About Him Cheating

Have you ever wished you could read the mind of your partner and tell whether he is cheating on you or not? Well, it turns out that there are some things you can do to predict how likely it is for your man to go astray. No, this is not mindreading just some behavioral traits […]