Avoid These “Types” of Guys on Dating Apps

Regardless of whether you are new to using dating apps, or you’re still swiping left or right and losing any hope of finding someone who is simply normal, honest and forthright, paying attention to any signs of a red flag and narrowing down your list of admirers is the smartest strategy for finding that needle […]

Who Should Pay on The First Date?

Granted, in most scenarios it’s the man initiating the date and because of that, it’s likely going to fall on the man to pay for the first date. But again, I don’t think it would be fair for the woman to initiate the first date and then automatically expect the man to pay. So, let’s […]

10 Best Free Dating Sites to Meet Someone Special

The internet and the technological age have established themselves at the center of every part of our lives. The internet has proved to be integral in how we run our lives. Dating and our romantic lives are not exempted from the effect of the internet. Traditional dating options are no longer the norm when it […]

Online Dating Advice for Women

Deciding to use an online dating site used to be something you’d only tell your closet of friends due to feeling as though you’d be labelled desperate and dateless if you didn’t keep it a secret. Today, the rules for online dating have been completely rewritten and I’m not ashamed to tell anyone how I […]

Overcoming Your Fears of Online Dating

Meeting your new partner on the internet unlocks infinite possibilities where otherwise would not exist. Online dating is convenient, fast and helps people to become familiar with a range of individuals simultaneously before having to meet face to face.   Although this matchmaking method suits many, others tend to find online dating fearful due to the […]

Dating an Introvert – What’s it like?

If you’re an extrovert and are dating an introvert, you may be experiencing some challenges to figure out your partners preferences, particularly in the early stages of your relationship.  To people who identify with an extroverted personality, dating someone who is basically a polar opposite can be a perplexing and interesting mix of personalities. While […]

7 Reasons You Might Be Failing at Online Dating

So, it’s been weeks since you put up your online dating profile and with each day that passes you grow increasingly hopeless about the possibility of finding a mate through the internet. But the fact that more and more people keep getting successful results all online, building relationships that lead to marriage sometimes, a nagging […]