How to Know and Introvert is Into You: And What of do About it

There are all sorts of personality types but one of the most misunderstood and the most talked about is the introvert personality. It is also quite interesting, mainly because introverts are hard to figure out, which might lead to the problem of not knowing an introverted guy is into you or not.

While an introvert may find it hard to just come out plainly and express their interest in you, there are some signs they may display, intentionally or otherwise, that can show you they like you.

Here are 4 Ways you could tell an introvert wants you for more than just a friend.

Trying to be Unusually Social With You

There are different types of introverts. Others are socially anxious and worry about how their social skill will make them look, and others are just wired to be comfortable in small groups of very familiar people. There are more, but the common denominator to all of them is that being social is not their thing.

So if you find a person you identify as an introvert trying to be social with you, something that is out of their personality, chances are they like you. An introvert won’t just repeatedly initiate conversations or any other social interaction such as inviting you for a movie unless they like you.

Allowing You Into Their Innermost Life

Introverts do not easily let people cross into their innermost life. If they’ve shared their art with you, the things that inspire them, their dreams, their goals, etc., it could be an indication that they like you. This is of course done in hopes that you will like them.

Everyone loves to be appreciated, to be seen for their uniqueness. When people share thing on Facebook and other social media, what they are really saying is “hey, this is me, this is my style. This is the movie I like, the song I like, etc. Introverts are more hidden than average, and so you can count it as a sign of interest if one shows you their collection of music, movies, novels, their blog, etc.

Paying Attention to Your Interaction

When an introvert interacts with you, it will count to them since they don’t do it often. You may realise that they remember tiny details of the time you spend together: names, dates, little incidents, etc.

As introverts don’t show much interest in people count it for something if they are interested in your entire life. You may find them make efforts to know your friend, something that might be unusual for them.

So What is Your Part in All This?

Well if they show signs that they like you and you do like them, you have to understand the unique circumstances of the interaction. They won’t be as forward as most people. You therefore just have to try to meet them halfway.

The key is to meet them half way without coming out overly forward or overly open yourself to the point where you clearly go out of your personality. That will go against the very nature of the person you are interacting with. Take it slow.

The Line Between Timidity, Indecision and Introversion

Introversion is a personality type and is normal. However, you should be able to distinguish between someone being indecisive and timid, and being an introvert. Dating is serious business. This person could be the one you finally tie the note with and so the stakes are always high. If someone does not know what they want maybe, then they should not be dating.