Signs Your Relationship is Solid

Relationships can be complicated. Anyone that has been through one for any length of time will come out with at least one truth: it is hard to make it work. That’s mainly because it’s the meeting of two people that were raised differently and see things through different filters. Some relationships are full of life and appear to have direction. Others seem to be a perpetual wrestling match. No relationships are equal and it is hard to point out the signs of a working union, but there are some that may be considered universal indicators. Here are 10 signs your relationship is solid even when things seem otherwise.

1. You Think About Each Other When Not Together

Of course, it’s not just a matter of thinking about your partner. It also matters what you think about when they are on your mind. If you are always thinking of a thousand ways to get rid of them that obviously doesn’t show your relationship is solid. It’s the loving thoughts, the missing, thoughts about what thy are doing and how their day is going. Now telepathy is not a very common super power if you haven’t noticed, so how do you know they are thinking of you? With all the technology, it happens through things like text messages, emails, or even calls. These are calls or texts that come out of nowhere and serve no serious purpose, not the ones that remind you to take the dog to the vet.

2. You Are Yourselves

Everyone is happiest when they are free to express themselves and be who they truly are. The solid relationships are those where each partner is free to be themselves and still be appealing. Any faking will soon be seen for what it is and this will definitely be disastrous.

3. You Are Honest With Each Other

It is hard to be honest without hurting the other person’s feelings sometimes. But the more you are able to tell each other the truth even if it might not be the best thing the other person ever heard, the more solid your relationship is. It is a matter of knowing each other well enough to know what approach will be the most tactical.

4. You Can Clearly See Each Other in Your Future

If you can picture yourself with your partner some years from now and it doesn’t seem far-fetched then you relationship has direction. This comes from knowing who you are dealing with and what their plans for the future are. If commitment seems to be the last thing on your partner’s mind while all you think about are white dresses and wedding cakes then you are wasting your time.

5. You Fight Maturely

It’s normal to fight. What matters is how you do it. Couples that last together understand that differences come and go and should not necessarily injure the relationship. The fight should not be about merely winning but about seeing things from the other person’s perspective to understand them. It is also a great sign to be able to apologise when you are wrong.

But arguments should not be the order of your days. If all you do is fight then there is something fundamentally wrong with your relationship. The opposite is also true. Even though a relationship that never fights might sound ideal, it is a sign that partners are holding back on their grievances. This only works to build up resentment over time.

5. Good Communication

Good communication is at the foundation of a solid relationship. It is a two-fold skill where you need to know how to express yourself and listen to the other person. Knowing how to communicate also helps to keep fights at a minimum.

6. You Work Together

Working together to achieve common goals helps strengthen bonds. It could be anything from saving up for a vacation together or working on some hobby project. It doesn’t have to be anything huge; doing little things together goes a long way, too.

7. You Give Each Other Space

Being able to give one another the needed space is a sign of trust and security. It means you are both comfortable being by yourselves and are together because you want to. It also shows that you trust your partner and needn’t have your eyes on them always.