6 Online Dating Tips For Introverts

One thing you can’t escape if you want to find a date is the communicating part. There will be a lot of telling and listening, a lot of socialising even if with just this one person. But how to do that if you’re an introvert can be tricky. With online dating, this might seem like a piece of cake.

Run to the Web, You Would think.

Online dating has really sunk its roots in today’s social landscape. And it might appear to be the best way out for someone feeling trapped by their introverted nature as far as finding a mate is concerned. Yes, it might really be, but there are some things you have to bear in mind to get yourself a date online.
Here are 6 tips for you to succeed With online dating if you are an introvert

1. Be honest About Your Personality

One thing an introvert notices when they browse dating profiles online is that people can be so damn intimidating. They have all these pictures of themselves out at parties probably screaming with fun, and you think, can I deal with that? But, what happened to all the introverts?
The truth is, some are introverts pretending not to be. There is a perceived need for introverts to identify themselves with other popular personalities. But this usually ends in disappointment and wasted time since sooner or later, the real you will come out. The other way, the better way, is to just be honest and let your profile reflect who you really are.
Many would still want to tone everything down by not being specific in terms of the activities they spend their time doing. But by actually talking about what you love to do, for example, reading books by Rowling, being a member of some book club, you increase your chances of meeting just the person that would be interested in you.

2. Look for Other Introverts

People rarely come out and say they are introverts but you can still sense it if you have your wits about you. Here are three things you can look out for.
  • Brief Profiles: This might mean they do not have much to say about themselves that they think others will find interesting. They therefore limit their words only to the little that ‘sparkles’ in the eyes of extroverts.
  • Introverted Hobbies: They may have activities that you would associate with introverts, probably mixed with other ‘fun and out-there’ activities to mask their introversion.
  • Not so Showy Photos: An introvert will have a certain aspect to their photos that seems not to give much about their appearance.

3. Stick to A Communication that You’re Comfortable With

The whole idea of communicating is to know about this other person as they get to do the same about you. But this end would be frustrated if you are not comfortable with the method of communication, say Skype video or even phone calls. You will most likely express yourself better in writing. For effective communication, choose a mode you are comfortable with.

4. Be Ready to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

However, even as you do things like sticking to the communication methods that you’re comfortable with, you will still have to step out of your comfort zone and meet the other person halfway. Do not close yourself up too much.
Part of stepping out of your comfort zone is making the first move. It might be scary, especially for the introvert male. But after messaging back and forth, you just have to move to the next stage by asking your potential partner out for a date.

5. Choose A Place You’re Comfortable With

One of the most uncomfortable things for an introvert is having to be in a social place with other people. This can be compounded if you are in a place you have never been. By choosing a place you’re familiar with for your first date, you will lessen the apprehension you would feel in a new place and at least limit the pressure to this new person you’re meeting.

6. Try An Activity For Your First Meet

An all talk date can be taxing on your already not-so-developed conversational skills. You can navigate around this by going out for an activity that you both love. You would now have the activity and your date to focus on. Plus, the activity itself will provide you with a lot of conversation starters.


While most introverts would think of online dating as a great tool to use with their closed up personalities, these 8 tips will help you actually results.