Why Men Dump Women

It’s a given, no-one likes to be dumped, whether male or female.  They say women can be hard to figure out but from a female perspective men can be just as confusing.

But if you’re finding yourself all too often the ‘dumpee’ rather than the ‘dumper’ you may start asking yourself if you might be perpetuating the same mistakes.  While every relationship is different there do seem to be a few commonalities as to why men dump women.

Space is Important

Quality time together is important but quality time apart is equally important.  For a relationship to remain healthy it needs to have balance.  Having time with your friends or simply time alone gives you the opportunity to be more than someone’s other half.

Men Need To Be Heard Too

Woman often complain that they are not heard.  For women it’s all about listening and having a sounding board so they can express their feelings and thoughts.  They are not pouring out their woes because they are asking you for a solution.  But men need to be heard too so they want a woman to actually let them speak.  It seems that when a woman does not let her man have his say it translates to him as, ‘my opinion doesn’t matter, my opinion isn’t respected’. Do it too much and they’ll be heading you out the door, permanently.

I’m Not Dating Your Friends

Men expect you to have a mind of your own when it comes to your girlfriends.  They get that you value their opinions but if they bag every man in sight or out of sight because their love life isn’t going so great, take it with a grain of salt, especially if they start interfering in your relationship.

Be Selective With What You Tell Your Family

All couples have arguments but if you’re inclined to blurt out every detail to your mum or other close family don’t be surprised if they’re giving your man death stares at the next family gathering.  You may have moved on past the argument but they may still be brewing with thoughts of ‘how dare you treat my baby girl like that’, even though you’re a grown woman who is fully capable of looking after yourself.

Jealously Is A Killer 

If you expect your guy to report every minute of his day and account for his whereabouts at all times you may find yourself unexpectedly single.  Likewise, if you’re ready to stick hot needles in the eyes of any female he talks to.  Trust is one of the most important components in a relationship, so if you demonstrate that you don’t trust your man as far as you could throw him, for no good reason, then you shouldn’t be surprised if he calls it quits.

“According to latimes, jealously is the leading cause of spousal murder worldwide.”  Given this statistic it’s no wonder jealousy may see you getting dumped by your guy and can you blame him?

Of course there are other reasons why men dump women, and these are not exclusive to men.  For instance, jealousy can be a relationship killer for both men and women.  But from the male perspective these are just a few of the more frequently occurring.