Should You Hire a Ghostwriter to Create Your Online Dating Profile?

For all of us who have taken the leap into the wild world of online dating, one thing’s for sure: We always want to put our best face forward. If you happen to have an English degree and a flair for turning a phrase, that’s a done deal; your profile likely has enough zest and zing to snare a dream date. For the rest of us, however, it’s downright tempting to consider asking a word-smithy friend to boost up our profile appeal; or even still, to hire a bona fide professional.

Online dating is, after all, a full-on science. There are folks that help you write your profiles, folks that coach you in icebreakers, and even personal online dating assistants. But does all this hoopla actually help you lure the perfect match? That’s the million dollar question.

The Pros of Hiring a Pro

Here’s the thing: If your profile is lackluster, you won’t get any dates, let alone land the one. So if you just can’t seem to accurately portray yourself in an intriguing manner, you’re going to need assistance. Maybe you’re horrible at saying nice things about yourself, or inept at judging which photos show off your best side. These are definitely reasons to ask for help.

Be very, very careful about asking your friends for assistance. They mean well, but will likely be too concerned about your personal feelings to really spill the beans in an honest way. Any help they make to your profile might either make you sound more eligible than reality supports, or they also may not have the skills to put together a perfect profile but will attempt to do so out of loyalty. Friends as ghostwriters rarely yields the desired effect.

Hiring a ghostwriter, then, has a lot of benefits. A professional can ask all the right questions to expose your true self, and will have the talents to package that in a profile that pops. They will ensure you have photographs that reflect your physical appearance honestly, but in the best possible light. And they will save you gobs and gobs of time.

Beware of False Advertising

The major negative of hiring a ghostwriter is the assurance that you aren’t misrepresenting yourself in any way. One of the biggest complaints that online daters have is finding out their date stretched the truth, or outright lied, in their profiles. Starting a new relationship without respecting integrity is not a good first move, and likely won’t get you a second date, even if you’re crazy compatible.

Ghostwriters need to not only be committed to presently you favorably, but also honestly, and with as much detail about the real you as possible. When you pay someone for a service, however, there can be an expectation to please you implicitly, which often leads into the land of embellishment. Therein lies the rub.

If you can stay committed to the truth and nothing but, a ghostwriter can be the difference between no dates and an active social calendar. But choose very wisely, and keep your objective lens firmly secured. If you can remain detached and truthful, profile ghostwriting is a win-win. And with love as the prize, it’s certainly worth a shot.