Avoid The First Date Blues – 5 Awkward Situations You Can Master

Dipping your toes into the dating world can be like navigating a mine field.  Going on a first date can be like navigating a mine field with a blind fold on.  It may sound a little melodramatic but when an awkward moment rears its unwanted head on a first date it is certainly a tricky situation.  No doubt you can’t foresee every awkward moment that may occur on a first date but here are a few to help you avoid putting your foot right in it.

What Did You Say?

Easiest way for a first date to go south is by not listening.  If your date is bothering to tell you something, especially if it’s about family, friends or favourite things, he or she expects to be heard, and it’s just plain good manners.  If you’re not listening you miss a great opportunity to keep the conversation flowing by asking questions about what you’ve just heard.  If you are preoccupied by thoughts of the work you didn’t get done today, the argument you had with your friend or what you can get your brother for his birthday, you’re likely to find yourself staring at your date with nothing to say.  Not only is it embarrassing but the silence will be deafening.

A Little Planning Goes A Long Way

While being attentive is a great way to pick up on things to talk about and keep the conversation flowing, it always helps to have a few conversation topics in mind in case the conversation stalls.  Hobbies and interests are great options for a bit of light chatter or perhaps swap travel stories.  Don’t worry if you’re not a seasoned traveller you can talk about places you’d like to visit and maybe even get some tips from your date if he or she have been to one of your travel choices.


If your date goes ‘missing in action’ on a trip to the bathroom don’t ask what took so long when he or she returns to the table.  No one wants to discuss toilet talk on a first date, whether it was just that you had to wait your turn (any female can attest to queues in the ladies toilets), the dodgy kebab you had for lunch is just now making its presence known in your stomach, or your date simply took a little extra time refreshing and sprucing because they are keen on you.  Take it in your stride, think of some other conversation topics while you wait and leave whatever goes on in the bathroom in the bathroom.  Otherwise, it could be an awkward answer you don’t really want to hear.

Something In Your Teeth

This one should be a no brainer.  How many of us go into the bathroom and find a nice glob of food stuck in a tooth and no one has pointed it out?  Plenty of us I’m sure.  The embarrassment comes not from having the glob on your teeth (we’ve all had it happen) but from it sitting there for God knows how long.  It’s no big deal so make it no big deal.  Casually point it out and move on without missing a beat.

Who Pays The Bill

This one can be perhaps the most awkward one of all if you get it wrong, probably because there are so many opinions.  Does the one who earns the most pay?  Do you split the bill?  Should a gentleman always pay?  “According to Cosmopolitan.com, 72 percent of women still hope the guy will pick up the bill.”  So chances are if you’re a guy and you offer to pay you’re going to keep your date happy.

You can easily overthink what might possibly go wrong on a first date but perhaps what is most important to keep in mind is to not take things too seriously.  If something awkward does pop up, keep it light, laugh it off, or just ignore it.  Let the situation dictate your response, don’t dwell on it and move on to enjoying the rest of your date.