Dating Night Mares From Real People

Think you’ve had a few tragic dates, read these horrifying dating stories.  

Great Service!

Julie connected with Eric online and they decided to meet for a bite to eat. The pair engaged some small talk however Julie seemed more concerned with the attractive restaurant server. The awkwardness mounted as the night progressed, but the intriguing thing was that the server was a woman!

Dated a Criminal

Simone and I had been on a few dinner dates. The conversation flowed better and better each time we caught up. I was (secretly) falling for Simone. You know what I mean, when you feel immense attraction towards someone, the type of attraction that could make you do things your better judgment otherwise normally would not.

I come from a wealthy family in Sydney’s Rose Bay. My dad is on the board of directors for several billion dollar corporations. Our family owns two boats, more than 15 million dollars in real estate and 6 luxury cars.

Simone and I became quite close even before we met off the internet and I divulged information about my family history and the like – I trusted her, sounds crazy right? Lust, loneliness and attraction  makes people do dumb things.

Simone craftily extracted information out of me, usually when we were being intimate and the like, when my defenses were down. She knew where I worked, lived and hung out. One evening we went for dinner at Dolyes Seafood Restaurant. Out of know where, in come the cops and arrest Simone.

Turns out she was part of an organised gang who was planning a home invasion at my parents house. It also turns out Simone and I had been under surveillance for the past 3 weeks and had been tapping both our phones so they could track her whereabouts.

Yes I feel used and foolish but learned some very hard lessons out of it. Thankfully the cops were there to stop a possible tragedy from happening.

Crashed my Car

So I met Sophie online and we got on great. We formed a nice connection before meeting face to face and the anticipation was very exciting. We built up a mutual trust even though we had not yet met face to face – a big no-no when it comes to internet dating I know.

Our first date was planned and we arranged to meet at Sophies flat on a friday night. Anyway, so I turn into Sophies street, locate her apartment block then parked my car approximately 3-4 meters behind another stationary car. Out of the blue the car parked in front of me starts its engine, sticks it into reverse and proceeds to aggressively reverse backwards slamming straight into my car!

Then, the woman driving the car speeds off! Thoroughly in shock, I remained in my vehicle. Sophie heard the crash and appeared before me looking through the window at me. This is the firt time we had laid eyes on each other. Embarrassing or what! Someone else witnessed the incident and wrote down the number plate of the other car, and I spent the rest of the night at the police station assisting the police with their investigation.

Needless to say, the date was called off.

Left High and Dry

Dianna and I met through friends and we hooked up the same night after returning from the Sydney Sleaze Ball. Me an Aussie, she a Kiwi, we exchanged lots of friendly banter as per the rivalry of our two nations. The relationship was sexual, fast and fun.

Dianna had recently split from her husband and had been playing the field somewhat before our Sleaze Ball hook up. And I was okay with that as I’d come from a similar scenario myself.

Some of the men she’d met still used to send her text messages and the like. There was one guy in particular I could tell she still fancied and vice versa. One night Dianna and myself met with some of my friends at a bar. Next thing, she received one of ‘those’ text messages, I looked around and all that was left of Dianna was a half finished vodka – she’d disappeared!

I tried calling her and the guy who text her answered her phone “Sorry Matt she has a better offer” and hung up. What a classy lady.