Finding the One

Now with online dating, people from all over the world are being matched together by common interests. Here’s how.

Millions of singles around the world are searching for that one true partner to spend their lives with.  With the increasing popularity of dating websites it is becoming easier to meet other singles with similar interests and goals, but for those who have never used an online dating site before it can be confusing. It’s important when searching for a partner to know what you are looking for, know yourself, and know how to express yourself.

Who is the One?

Who the one is?  The one true partner you can spend the rest of your life with. Make a list of qualities that you are looking for in a partner and the qualities you don’t want in a partner.  Keep this list small.  Make a list of must haves and must have not’s, then make a list of qualities you would like for your partner to have and qualities that you would prefer your partner not to have.


Must Have:
•    Decent Job
•    Respects Me
•    Honesty
•    Faithful
•    Age between 25-35

Must Not:
•    Smoker
•    Criminal Record
•    Drug user

Prefer Have:
•    Same Interests
•    A Republican
•    Love dogs
•    Family Oriented
•    From Australia

Prefer Not:
•    Previously Married
•    Judgmental
•    Self-Centered

Become Active

Once you figure out who you are looking for, you can start your search.  Locate a free dating service online that has people like you.  There are a variety of free dating sites for different groups of people.  Sign up for a few of your top choices and begin your search.

Express yourself

The profile is extremely important in free dating.  It’s the first thing potential partners will learn about you.  You want it to draw positive attention.  It needs to stand out and be unique, and represent you.  Your profile begins with its headline.  The headline needs to be unique about you, but realistic.

•    Oh no, you said what?
•    No games, not this girl.
•    European Woman moving to Australia seeking respectable man.

Your headline will draw people in but it’s up to your profile to keep them interested.  Keep your profile positive and to the point. Express yourself by identifying your strengths, hobbies, interests, and goals.  Describe what you do for a living, and any volunteer activities you participate in. Keep your profile truthful and realistic.  Use words that describe you, not words that you have to use a thesaurus to find.

Your photo is an important part of your profile.  It is human nature to judge someone based on what they look like, maybe not their figure or face in particular but the overall image.  Use a positive photo that expresses something about you.   If you enjoy cars, use a photo of you and your car.  If you enjoy camping use a photo of you camping.  Use a recent high quality photo of you by yourself.

After you have completed your profile it’s time to begin searching. Search for people who have things in common with you, someone you could see yourself with.  Contact the people who interest you and let them know you are interested. It’s okay to contact more than one person.

Keep an Open Mind

Sometimes you can’t judge a book by its cover.  If someone contacts you that don’t seem all that interesting, but don’t have any of your “must not have” qualities, give them a chance to show you what they have to offer.


People rarely find “the one” right away.  It takes time, so just hang in there and don’t get discouraged.  Learn from past experiences, and keep on searching.  If one dating site isn’t working try others.  If you still aren’t having any luck change your profile up a little and see if you attract any different people. Enjoy yourself during your search, and stay positive.  Whether you are from North America, Europe, South America, Australia, or somewhere else, you can use free dating sites to find that someone for you.