How to Keep Work Stress Out of Your Relationship

The race for property and privilege seems to have gotten tighter over the years. Although there is more tech today than ever, people are still working just as long if not longer. There is more haste in the air and this is impacting lives on so many different levels. The stress brings health issues and even productivity suffers.
But one effect of the fast and stressful modern life you might be ignoring is its impact on your relationship. A study revealed that 52 percent of the workforce feel that the demands of work affect their relationships with their loved ones. A good number of people are overworked and in the quest for more feel that their relationship is injuring their performance.
It actually turns into a cycle where stress at work spills into your relationship, and the stress that builds up in your relationship cripples your performance at your job. If the situation is not controlled, people often times start wandering. They begin to think the job is not the right fit, or worse, that they are not compatible with their partner when they actually are.
The fact that our technology has made it easy to work anywhere does not help the situation. It becomes hard to feel the shift in environments from the tensed up air of your job to the more relaxed atmosphere of your home and the company of your partner.
Work-related emails and phone calls out of work hours are still work and they rob you of the time you are supposed to spend with your partner. This upsets the work-life balance, essentially favouring the work side. But as has been said, the chaos in the relationship soon creeps back into your job.
It is of paramount importance to maintain a healthy balance between the two worlds. If you sense that things might be spinning into chaos, here are some tips to help you keep them under control.
1. Avoid Bringing Too Much of Your Work Stress into Your Relationship
Relationships are primarily for companionship and that primarily means communication. Therefore, your partner might be the best person to share your work stories with. But if these are always complaints and negative, the stress might slip into your relationship. Keep the really negative aspects of your job at work. Balance things up and bring up the good as well.
2. Listen Less Than You Talk
Listen as much or less than you talk about your work stress. Everyone wants to be understood but if all you do is explain the hell at your job without taking the time to listen to your partner, tension slowly builds up. Show that you are actively listening when your partner shares their work woes as well.
Unplug Electronically
The screens that surround modern life can add a great deal of stress to your relationship. Most people are glued to their phones and barely have solid chunks of time they can dedicate to their loved ones. Everyone is either responding to a notification, taking a call, responding to an email, or have their eye fixed on the TV. This results in a feeling of disconnection between the two.
Take some time off especially the first few hours when you get home. Steer clear of the temptation to respond to text messages, take calls, emails, and social media beckonings.
Share With a Friend Instead
Although your partner might be your best friend and so the one that just feels right to share your work issues with, make sure you do not over-do it. It is easy to drown your partner with your work stories without even realising it.
But sometimes, you just have to share some things with someone. That, however, does not have to always be your partner. Instead of bringing everything at the feet of your partner, share with a friend instead.