He’s Broke, She’s Not: What People Think About Income Differences

Society has changed in the past few years, obviously fueled by faster sharing of information thanks to the internet. One of the aspects of society that is flowing is the view on income differences between men and women, and what it means for relationships.

The traditional view has always been that men make the money while women stay at home. That is changing, however, as more women get educated, join the workforce, and earn even more money than men. After surveying the internet about the subject, a number of views can be spotted out.

What Do People Think About Income Disparities Between Men and Women?

1. Men Have to be the Breadwinner and Support the Family, not the Woman

While this is a dying horse, it sill is a kicking one. Some people, both men and women, still maintain that a man, if he deserves to be called a man at all, should be able it support the family financially – no questions asked. People with such views are however not as vocal as those with a more modern opinion. But while very few people will say they hold this view, most people still do in fact hold it.

2. It has to be 50/50

Others say it has to be 50/50, that is, both the man and woman have to be able to contribute 50 percent towards accommodation, groceries, kid’s expenses, utilities, etc. This is the more modern approach.

There does not seem to be much of a problem when the scales tip towards the man. But as the woman makes more, a number of issues are prone to arise.

Studies have shown that there are few marriages right after the point where the woman earns more than 50 percent of the household income. Most couples in such situations reported being less happy, with men feeling insecure and nervous.

When most couples get to a point where one of them has to give up their job to take care of the kids, the woman is the one leaving the workforce and staying at home in most cases.

3. Some Women are Okay With Broke Men So long they Are Trying to Better Themselves

Some women with high income are okay with the idea of being with a man who is not making as much as he ideally should, so long he is working on himself to better his finances. He could be trying to start a business or get a marketable degree – most women say they are willing to support the man as he gets on his feet.

The problem that arises, however, is that some women feel that the men grow comfortable and no longer see the urgency of the situation. They turn into the old couch potato in front of the TV with the remote.

4. Most Emphasise Financial Responsibility

Even if a man is not doing so well, most women appreciate financial responsibility. They see it as a sign of a possibly better financial future. A woman with good credit will think twice before attaching herself to a broke man with bad money habits. Careless car loans, pointless credit card debt, lack of savings, and a general reluctance to better their financial situation is a deal breaker.


While everyone might wish things were different, the reality for now is that unemployed, under-employed and low-paid women are still datable and marriage material. The same cannot be said for the guys.

On the other hand, high income women have been found to be dateable so long they do not make more than their partners.

This is not only because the women are reluctant to date or marry such men, but even the men themselves feel insecure. Somehow, even in these modern days, the idea of men having to be the breadwinner has not washed away from people’s minds

One effects of the rising income for women without the corresponding shift in the idea that the man has to make more, is the rising age at which people are marrying. Most are choosing to focus on raising their financial bar first before going into a relationship where a poor financial status will make them feel less of a man.