10 Best Free Dating Sites to Meet Someone Special

The internet and the technological age have established themselves at the center of every part of our lives. The internet has proved to be integral in how we run our lives. Dating and our romantic lives are not exempted from the effect of the internet. Traditional dating options are no longer the norm when it comes to finding that special someone. Gone are the days of calling up your friends on a chilly Friday night and trawling the local pub, hoping to meet a guy or girl that meets the eye.

Inevitably, there are a number of dating sites over the years, seeking to help people meet a new partner. But despite their large numbers, not all can boast the efficiency and success that the following dating sites have had over the years. Such sites offer their clients every advantage possible in finding a compatible partner with whom they will share the rest of their lives with. If you are one who is seeking to form a long-term relationship, meaningful conversations and compatibility, these are the best free dating sites that you should be looking to.


For the young, liberal and who want a bit of aesthetics from a dating site, OkCupid is the dating site to choose.

One of its most endearing features is its selection of different gender identities and sexual orientations. It is quite apparent that the designers are sensitive of the LGBTQ + conundrum. From the onset, you can tell that OkCupid is concerned with finding a long-term partner for you. The registration process is quite vigorous, deterring people whose chief target at joining the dating site is a short fling for the weekend. As a single adult, you must put some effort into creating your profile. Maybe that’s what has made the dating site so successful over the years.


With more than 40 million registered users worldwide, Happn is definitely worth mentioning. The dating site makes use of your location together with your profile to hook you up with a potential partner in the area.

We guess that’s where the idea for the name came from. They like to link up people who stay in the same approximate area for convenience and also to maintain a sense of community.

Coffee Meets Bagel

Commonly known as CMB, this dating site boasts of millions of users throughout the world. With that in mind, think about the many possibilities that lie in wait for you.

To ensure that you make use of the recommendation that is sent to you, a seven-day timeline is set. You have a week to make contact with a potential partner.

CMB also offers to its users seven of its best matches on a daily basis. This of course is from your profile and other questions answered.


There are very few one-night dates on Hinge.

One-night stands are a thing of the past with this market leading dating site. It is only by going for several dates can you truly know a person. Hinge definitely got the memo on that. They encourage multiple dates with the same recommended partner that you might get to know each other better.

With Hinge, there is no pressure or rush to jump into a relationship with the person. Even the registered members know this. Chances of a second date are usually high.


This one was developed for the ladies. Her is an award-winning dating site known as a safe space for lesbians and bi-women to find that special someone.

The dating site filled in the gap, after years of abandonment by society. It has a pretty open selection when it comes to gender, sexuality preferences and identities. For the sexually forward and creative woman, create a profile today on Her.

 Plenty of Fish

It’s pretty obvious where the developers got the name for the dating site. And true to it, using Plenty of Fish, you are bound to get a compatible partner for the long haul.

It offers one of the most extensive and rigorous questionnaires. The questionnaires seek to give insight on your personalities and previous relationships. The dating site doesn’t shy away from any of the uneasy questions. Be ready to answer some questions on your past sexual experiences.

Looking from a third perspective, their range of questions allows for a member to get a compatible partner.


This dating site has established itself as one of the biggest sites in the United Kingdom and its environs. eHarmony claims to have brought together over half a million couples.

To comprehensively equip their intelligent matchmaking service, the registered users are requested to fill out a list of 80 questions. It is from these list that we get the compatibility scores, personality profile matches and also relationship advice.


Match.com focuses more on the profile that you must create as part of the registration process. From there on, every search you make is based on the information provided from the profile to bring you the perfect match.

The site allows you to send and receive messages if you are a subscriber. It is free to become a registered member or subscriber of the site.

Elite Singles

Calling all educated singles! Academic singles are known for their push and dedication in the work place. But often, this comes with a detrimental effect on their love life. They have made it professional but they seek to also make it easy when it comes to romance.

The average age group is for people in the late twenties to early forties. Once registered, you are eligible for three to seven matches of whom you have high personality and intellectual match.

Silver Singles

The app is famous all over the world for its dedicated market service. The developers identified a niche and worked towards giving a solution. If you are over 50 years and looking for love, this is the site to register on.

People of such an age are concerned with finding a compatible person who ticks all their boxes. Some of their services are locked and may require you to pay a fee.

Can you really fall in love online?

While online dating has a load of potential, it is still clouded heavily with doubt. Some are of the opinion that a virtual space can’t simply provide the same connection or experience like a physical meeting. But this thinking does not take into consideration the new world in which we live in.

The naysayers base their knowledge on a time that has passed. In the last century, communication, which is the cornerstone of romance, has changed drastically. The introduction of calling across oceans and instant messaging has changed the game significantly. In addition, the generation to be considered now have always grown up in technology. It is easier for them to communicate using such media.

With that in mind, compatible people with the same personality and character can meet, interact and form viable relationships online. Due to their fondness for the internet, technology and affiliated services, online dating sites seem to be good foundation for long-term relationships.

Find your someone special with one of the dating sites listed above.