Valentine’s Day Gift & Date Night Ideas

Valentine’s Day: it’s predictable, over-commercialized, over-hyped and also difficult to find unique ways to celebrate. It’s time to up the ante! Breathe life into your V-Day gifting routine with the following ideas.

1. Erotica. Sex toys, sexy lingerie, edible massage lotions, fuzzy handcuffs, feather ticklers, a book about tantric sex, or better yet, a gift bag that includes all these things. You get the drift. Anything that will spell saucy instead of cheesy is a winner.

2. Spa treatment for two. There’s nothing quite like an intimate late-night fun together after you’ve both been pampered from head to toe.

3. Crafts starter kit. Let your woman unleash her creative side with a crafts kit that include simple DIY projects she can indulge in to her heart’s content.

4. Multi-tool gadget. A practical gift for him that includes a multi-bit screwdriver, a blade, a mini-wrench and a LED flashlight. This is one gift that will never go out of style.

5. E-cigs. A not-so-subtle gift to tell your significant other that you’d want to spend more years with them and to celebrate this one V-Day sans smoker’s breath!

6. Video games. A lot of guys like to play video games so how about a membership to a Playstation Plus or video game rental service like GameFly?

7. Latest gadget. If your loved one loves gadgets, consider gifting a smartphone or a laptop. Even better: If he/she loves taking selfies, there’s no other gift more fitting than #TheSelfie, a remote-controlled device that can be plugged into an iPhone or iPad.

8. Chalkboard. Tennis legend Andre Agassi made a lot of women swoon when he confessed to writing daily on a chalkboard (or “appreciation board” as he calls it) all the things he appreciates about his wife Steffi Graf. Taking his cue may do wonders for your own relationship plus it doesn’t cost much.

9. Cookbook for two. If you both love cooking but your time together in the kitchen is often marred by squabbles as to who gets to do the crap jobs (i.e. peeling vegetables, washing dishes and grating cheese), try this one so the steps are equally divided between you two.

10. Survival Kit. If your man likes being out in the wilderness, a life-saving kit that contains the most useful tools will definitely come in handy in case of emergencies.

Tired of the usual movie and dinner dates on Valentine’s Day? Ditch the traditional dates and be creative. Take her somewhere else other than the bedroom or movie theatre. Here are a few ideas. Don’t have a date yet? Here’s a singles website we love that can help.

1. Take a hot-air balloon ride. Soar through the countryside and watch the sunset while sipping champagne. A truly memorable date. Just make sure he/she is not afraid of heights.

2. Go bungee-jumping. Definitely not for the faint of heart, but if you seek the ultimate adrenaline rush with an element of danger, this one’s for you. You may take comfort in the fact that more people die from vehicular accidents than bungee-jumping.

3. Try glamping. Glamping or glamorous camping is simply camping in style. No need to pitch a tent; you just show up there and indulge in luxury and be treated like royalty. Even if your other half is a little squeamish about spending a night in the woods in a tent, glamping will definitely appeal to her inner diva.