Make Yourself Attractive, Online!

In everyday life, out there in the real world, people go to all sorts of lengths to make themselves attractive to other people.  They workout, go clothes shopping regularly, buy aftershave/perfume, use makeup, get their hair done, make those purley whites as white as possible, take pride in their hygiene, and the list goes on.

When it comes to looking online for love however, most punters neglect to apply these offline ideals to their online dating profile. It’s a common mistake made in the Internet dating space. Applying our online efforts in the same way as our offline efforts will yield amazing results when dating online.

Why neglect your dating profile? It’s the gateway to your mind and soul and that’s what sells with online dating. Here’s a few pieces of advice below to help get your online dating campaign underway!

Don’t Sell Yourself Short   

Take the time to complete your profile and include details about yourself explaining why you’re a great catch. Think about it, when you’re at a bar or party and get talking to someone you’re attracted to or would like to get to know better, do you rush through the introduction part and try and get it over and done with as soon as possible? Of course not! Reveal things about yourself, tell a joke or a short interesting story, talk about the things you love to do. Showcase your personality by uploading a few pictures of yourself in your element, whatever that may be. Express your interests in a fun and creative way – grab their attention! “Hi there! Are you going to be the one to make me change my Facebook status from single to: In a Relationship?”


Live in the Real World

Why do people dating online feel the need to misrepresent themselves? Who are they trying to kid? No one really cares what you looked like 10 years ago. Prospective dates need to know what you look like right now, they need to have an accurate idea of just who is going to turn up on the first date. Instead of posting old photo’s of when you might have been in better shape, choose recent snaps that show off your best angles. If you don’t consider yourself to be photogenic, post photo’s of yourself doing the things that you love as an expression of who you are: Holding your surf board, riding your horse or playing your guitar.  It’s the best way of expressing yourself on your dating profile. My advice – just be real.


Don’t be Tacky!


So you might have a great butt, big boobs, an awesome set of legs or smoldering eyes. Maybe, but don’t you think it’s a bit tacky when people upload pictures of isolated body parts? Please, leave something to our imagination you’ve already spoilt the surprise! If you’d like to show off your assets, take pictures of yourself wearing certain clothes that you know work well that even accentuate these assets to a degree.


Something else I can never understand is why people (usually men) upload photo’s of decapitated torsos to show off their abs or pecks. People don’t make an instant connection with people unless they can look into their eyes and look at their smile. So, keep the head, ON! Cropping the head tells me you have something or someone to hide.

Be Articulate

What an instant turn off when you read a dating profile that lacks intelligence and is full of grammatical errors. Know what the difference is between your and you’re, didnt and didn’t etc etc.


Don’t be a Show off

By all means be proud of your achievements, but not right out of the gate. Ease your way into things. Rather than showcasing your accolades on your dating profile, focus on your personality first and foremost. General chit-chat down the track will inevitably allow you to naturally discuss personal or professional achievements. No one has much time for show-offs.


Communicating on the First Date

There’s a lot of sense in applying offline principles to online dating. Remember to keep the tone fun and light. Don’t ever discuss religion, politics or anything that is too full-on. You’re not at a debate, you’re on a date. You’ll also probably want to avoid asking questions about your dates ex, or why they broke up.


Also be aware of avoiding topics revolving around commitment, if you make it past a third or forth date then perhaps these topics could be more appropriate. Keep any pressure out of the equation, talk about your personal dreams and ambitions. It’s okay to tell your date what it is you ultimately would love out of life, but not in  a way that sends a message of an ultimatum.

Online dating is a great way to connect with people you’d otherwise never cross paths with. Use it for what it is and nothing more. Don’t try to hit a home run with every person you feel an attraction towards.

Make the effort to sell yourself in the best and most interesting way possible, then let technology and a bit of fate do the rest.