Finding Love Again and Dating Over 40

Some people may find finding love again and dating over 40 difficult, or after a divorce, or separation. Recollect the first time you fell in love and think of the excitement, the shivers, energy, and wonder. Falling in love makes the world more beautiful. You forget about the flaws, you feel dazzlingly alive, and the possibilities seem eternal. Love is not only about two people getting into a relationship. It is more of a mental state.

If you are trying to fall in love again and expecting to date after 40, it is essential to put in mind that love is not pure emotions. You can get frustrated in your search causing your attitude and energy to drop. Remember the Law of Attraction that states “Like attracts like?” If you have a loving mental state and are a loving person, chances are you will find love easily.

Whether you are still single, divorced, or widowed, dating over 40 and finding love again can be easy. Here are effective manifesting methods that combine internal and external approaches drawing the romantic person you want and deserve.

Internal Approach

Make a complete list of qualities that you want. Do you want someone who is very smart, easygoing, cheerful, or sophisticated? No one knows the individual characteristics that would suit you best except you. This can be done in an hour or over the next days or weeks. Some find it advantageous to add items on the list every now and then, as they get new experiences and ideas to define their type of person. You may want to remove some items and change it to new and better qualities. It is essential to be clear with your desires. Let your mind work, but do not attempt to be an idealist. You also need to be practical with your list of characteristics.

Make a collage for a visual image of your relationship. Cut photos from old cards or magazines, or copy images from the Net. Put them together to create a collage. The pictures should symbolize your desires in a broad manner against a certain person. Add cut out phrases and words or print these on your computer.  Frame the collage and hang it in a visible spot so you can see it often. You may want to hang the collage in the bedroom to make it private. Review and ponder over it so you get to imprint your collage in your subconscious mind. The attraction route starts here.

External Approaches

Make an action plan for dating. This should include a variety of schemes for meeting new friends. Focus on meeting single persons through online dating sites, speed dating, or singles; groups. This approach is much better than going to a bar or a very lively and active place, with lots of people, and not know if they are looking for a date or available. You can still go to these places, but make sure that you include techniques to meet only single persons in your action plan.

When you have chosen the techniques to meet people, settle on how often you want to try these choices. How many activities will you include in a week, fortnight or a month? It would be wise to include more, as this will give you more chances of meeting someone. The level of activity impacts the number of your connection.

Have an amiable and affectionate attitude. Being friendly to everybody is one of the basic rules of dating.  Wear a smile always and show that you appreciate and enjoy yourself.

For women, make yourself approachable to men so they will not be afraid to talk to you. Talk to men more often, and not only to those who seem like your “type.” You’ll never know, maybe you will find the right person among those men who do not fall under your “type.”

For men, build up your confidence. Start a conversation with a compliment (but ensure to sound sincere), or a question about the surrounding. Don’t forget to smile. A smile combined with a brief eye contact work wonders.

Implement these two basic approaches and see romance work to your advantage. Using your subconscious mind and allowing it to work with appropriate actions is a great combination that will make finding love again and dating over 40 extremely pleasant and wonderful.