BorisGoodanov is looking to meet women from Bentley, Perth, WA

64, men - Divorced
Seeking women 55 and up
Bentley, WA 6102

About Me

I\\\'m retired, lonely and seeking a wife. I have limited movement, and I don\'t carry grudges. I forget quickly. I\'m 130kg, arthritic and use a gopher. I can\'t drive any more. I just want someone to love me-there\'s nothing else, so it has to be just me. I love dogs, but can't have one-too risky. I am gentle and respectful. I am a tollerant man of faith, I make no demands there, other than it be respected.

My Interests

Things mechanical and electronic, off road riding, I live a sedentary life, because of my pains. It has cost me my strength and free movement. I have a few goodfriends whom visit occasionally, but they have families which need their time, & as I'm almost housebound, I get lonely. I watch a lot of tv, particulary crime shows. I haven't pay TV, but I have just enough data to avoid excess charges.

Lifestyle & Personality

I don’t drink
I don’t smoke


Have Children:
I don’t have children

Looking For

I'm here for:
I’d like to meet someone to marry

My Ideal Partner

A tollerant woman, given to wisdom and measured speech. A happy woman, cheerful and loving. A forgiving woman, because I\'m a man, and men get much wrong. An internal beauty, with a peaceful, warm soul. A confidant woman, whom will honour her husband and not try to reconstruct him. A peaceful woman, not given to disputes, fault-finding and bitterness. A compaion, an equal or better, to stand beside me through lifes' ills and joys. A woman whom is loveable, and whom will accept me forever.

My Preferences

I’d prefer a non drinker
I’d prefer a non smoker
Has Children:
Doesn’t matter
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