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About Me

Im currently waiting for my Bachelors in Game Design to start, Untill then im just looking for work and having fun. Im an introverted person but love to go out into nature, Looking for something real, or friends, or whatever, I\'m here to meet people! Would also love to make some amazing life time friends and would also love to learn things from people from around the world. (TEACH ME HOW TO COOK SOME GOOD STUFF CAUSE I LOVE COOKING)

My Interests

Games, Game design, Nature, Animals, Photography, Anime, Weeb shit, Being loved. Basically a normal computer geek i\'d say, Give me an MMORPG any day, Will always be better at games than you, soznotsoz, Animals almost always love me. And will end up loving me more than you. This here is filler cause apparently I havent hit the 50 word limit yet so im just typing random stuff so that it lets me make my account.

Lifestyle & Personality

I don’t drink
I don’t smoke


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I don’t have children

Looking For

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My Ideal Partner

Oh boy, here we go, 50 words on my Ideal partner, time to be judged to shit! okok, I want some pretty hard to come by traits in my partner, One of them being honesty, another being actual love. Crazy how those 2 things are so hard to find, what a joke. But besides being a joker, I seriously only ask for honesty and Love, The rest can work itself out, thats what relationships are, you cant just type out the ideal person you want and bam there they are, you have to make compromises, But honesty and Love shouldnt be as hard to come by as they are. If you think you can be honest to me and over time love me, HMU.

My Preferences

Doesn’t matter
Doesn’t matter
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