Koops is looking to meet women from Katoomba, Katoomba, NSW

38, men - Single
Seeking women Between 35-45
Katoomba, NSW 2780

About Me

I grew up in Kingswood I am 6\"1 in height have long blonde hair blue eye\'s now in blue mountains been here for about 15 20 years .I don't have much to do with family as some things happened over this life time that can't be changed, so I only see my parents very occationally which is fine with me. I have a good friend that I garden for which he gives me a little bit of cash on the side.I have a blue SV650s Suzuki motobike which I have just lost my licience for 6 months only another four months to go before I get my licience back . I had spent alot of time on the streets in and out of gaol it's only been the last 4 years that I have got my stuff together and have a place to stay which I look after dearly Two birds which I love I'm in like a studio appartment which is big enough for me and one other if interested would like to soon get a proper house with the person hopefully will be spending my love with, sharing with somebody who will love me for who I am and who won't want to argue all the time rather talk and have fun.than any crap about past present or future which would make us upset I hope who ever I find to spend the rest of my life with will be honest, loyal and respectfull.I am a bit of a crushed man from past relations Though really wanting a women who will work with me to show each other LOVE.

My Interests

I am interested in photography riding motorcycles and gardening and home maitenance also been studying at tafe computers which I might hopefully get back too next year as I have finished for this year though am excited about studying in near future My two birds Smokey and the Bandit are budgies that I have had since they where baby's and might be getting another female in next couple of weeksI do go to the pubs around here though only usually for a special times, don't drink much smoke too much though will take who ever want's to spend my lifetime with, out to the pub's will take you to dinner lovely places for a meal around the Blue mountains and would love to one day go travelling around Australia on a motorbike with pop up caravan trailer attached and a lovely women on back I hope there will be somebody that will want to do this with me and other exciting stuff that I would do having a partener will make life all the much more worthwhile .Bushwalking and photography portaites out bush with subject standing or swimming under a waterfall would be a lot of fun for me and them if you know what I mean.I have produced twonlovely gardens that are in full bloom at moment or just starting to bloom. I will hopefully find this women to do these and other stuff with.

Lifestyle & Personality

I drink socially
I’m trying to quit


Have Children:
I don’t have children

Looking For

I'm here for:
I’d like to meet someone to marry

My Ideal Partner

The ideal partner would be somebody that can come withme on adventures throughout the Blue mountains riding pillion and taking photo's with me.I would like to know somebody who can cook and clean with me and that doesn't mind me doing my gardening and who might even pick up a trowel or shovel and do a little bit of fun work.Who doesn't mind going to others houses to watch movies for a bit of fun. and other stuff. Must have a nicely toned figure and good at communication with me and others Also somebody who will spend the rest of there time with me through whatever life events get thrown at us.

My Preferences

Doesn’t matter
Doesn’t matter
Has Children:
Doesn’t matter
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