JosephJones is looking to meet women from Berrys Creek, Leongatha, VIC

27, men - Separated
Seeking women 55 and up
Berrys Creek, VIC 3953

About Me

I work as a cashier for a local fast food chain. I sometimes work the take out window as well. It's a prettty cool job as long ayou never get the orders mixed up. Nothing pisses people off more than driving away from a drive through window, opening their take out bag and realizing that they did not get what they ordered. I've had to face angry hungry customers like that.

My Interests

I like making jokes and making people laugh. I try to keep every stuation light and I try to keep everyone around me funny. Even though the world is going to crap, you can't control that. The only thing you can control is how you're gonna react to it and I choose to react to it with a smile and with multiple jokes that will have the people around me laughing for days.

Lifestyle & Personality

I party hard
Prefer not to say


Have Children:
I have children but don’t want anymore

Looking For

I'm here for:
Non committed fun

My Ideal Partner

I am looking for someone who is as optimistic as I am. I am looking for someone who laughs easily. Someone who isn't afraid to show some emotion. I want to meet someone who is open and free and innocent. I don't want someone who keeps themselves closeted away from the world. I want someone who is completely free and confident in themselves.

My Preferences

I’m okay if they drink
I’m okay if they smoke
Has Children:
Doesn’t matter
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