Dia is looking to meet men from Colac West, Colac, VIC

65, women - Married
Seeking men Between 25-35
Colac West, VIC 3250

About Me

I am a concierge at a hotel. I have always wanted to be a hotelier. I traveled a lot with my parents when I was younger cause of their job so I got to go around the world to different kinds of hotels. I admired how well the service was for some and I would always talk to the concierge and I was amazed at how much they knew about the area. I always felt that they were so willing to help and it felt so genuine despite the fact that they were just probably doing their job.

My Interests

I like hanging out with my friends and family. I definitely am a social person. I can talk to absolutely anyone in any situation. I like connecting with people. I absolutely despise small talk cause I feel like it's so insincere. I prefer a deep conversation even with someone I just met. I thoroughly believe that everyone we meet in this life, we meet for a reason. I would rather zero in on one person in a party rather than talk to a million people in passing.

Lifestyle & Personality

I party hard
I smoke occasionally


Have Children:
I have children

Looking For

I'm here for:
I’d like to meet someone to marry

My Ideal Partner

I would like to meet a man in the Colac area. I am still currently technically married but we are finalizing the divorce papers. I realized that I jumped the gun too early in my first marriage so we're taking the time now to rectify that. I am looking for someone who is similar to me in the way we interact with people. I want someone who isn't a small-talker and I want to establish a deep and meaningful connection with somebody.

My Preferences

I’d prefer a non drinker
I’m okay if they smoke
Has Children:
I’d prefer someone without children
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