ArcherKing is looking to meet women from Gascoyne River, Gascoyne, WA

26, men - Single
Seeking women Between 18-25
Gascoyne River, WA 6705

About Me

I am addicted to the adrenaline rush and confident of the unknown. I have a daring and outrageous personality. I am a parkour coach and athlete. I teach kids the basics, and I stick to the fun stuff.

My Interests

I love going to the gym and doing yoga; it makes me flexible for my sport. I also enjoy surfing and volunteering in environmental conservation events. I love going out with friends and doing what we do best.

Lifestyle & Personality

I don’t drink
I don’t smoke


Have Children:
I don’t have children

Looking For

I'm here for:

My Ideal Partner

I want a curvy and tall lady with beautiful eyes. She has to be athletic or at least physically fit. I want a person who appreciates the art of parkour because in case we get serious and get kids, I will teach them.

My Preferences

I’m okay if they drink
I’d prefer a non smoker
Has Children:
I’d prefer someone without children
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