Skippy is looking to meet men from Deception Bay, Brisbane, QLD

64, women - Divorced
Seeking men 55 and up
Deception Bay, QLD 4508

About Me

I volunteer 15 hours a week, have two beautiful animals, a dog and a cat. I have three grown sons and one granddaughter, all of whom I love spending time with. I am outgoing but I love my me time too. I am happy with my own company. I would love to see more movies, go to more plays, visit museums and galleries far more than I do. An experience shared is always more fun. I love being near the water, walking along beaches, but not necessarily swimming. I love to get out into the bush to walk or picnic, and I love the countryside too. Small towns and quaint shops. I would really like to find someone easy-going, and full of fun. I would love to find someone to make me laugh,alot. Please be relaxed. How big a mistake could either of us make?

My Interests

Well, I don't eat meat as a rule, but take no offence to those who do. I prefer grazing, shared plates and fun food. I definitely don't eat takeaway from Macdonalds or hungry Jacks types, but I love good fish and chips. I am an avid reader, many different genres, and I find libraries fascinating places. I don't have any specific hobbies but I'm up to trying my hand at most things. In other words, unless I KNOW I won't like the activity, I'll have fun trying it. I wish I were a photographer, but then, most of us wish we were skilled at something we're not, I think?

Lifestyle & Personality

I don’t drink
I don’t smoke


Have Children:
I have children but don’t want anymore

Looking For

I'm here for:
I’d like to meet someone to marry

My Ideal Partner

Let me clear this up, I am looking for a serious relationship but that doesn't need to include marriage. Ok, that is out of the way, I do want to have fun and want to find someone to go OUT with. I can enjoy a good movie at home relaxing, the same as anyone, just not all the time. I'm looking for someone secure in themselves, and like me, perhaps enjoys some alone time too. Even in separate rooms of the same dwelling. I can't ask someone to love my children, but I do want to meet a family person. Attraction is very important to me. I am not drop-dead gorgeous, not even close, but there needs to be chemistry and attraction.

My Preferences

I’m okay if they drink
I’d prefer a non smoker
Has Children:
Doesn’t matter
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