PIC is looking to meet women from Perth, Perth, WA

41, men - It’s complicated
Seeking women Between 25-35
Perth, WA 6000

About Me

Working professional that also enjoys weekend projects renovating etc. I am very capable, but prefer quieter times to relax and in my downtime. I have kids that are my little partners that I take on adventures, but also need something outside of that for perspective on life. I would like to think I support and help a lot of people, which is not my obligation. Always try to do right by people, but do feel tested some times.

My Interests

The reason I am reaching out is to discover new interests. I enjoy a sense of accomplishment, but at the same time would like the opportunity to talk and share. Life isn't always easy, I know that. Would like to get involved in more activities and venture out. In my job its hard to meet people because of my responsibilities. Feel that I would benefit from widening and meeting new people, and I hope I can bring value to them.

Lifestyle & Personality

I drink socially
I don’t smoke


Have Children:
I have children

Looking For

I'm here for:
Friendship only

My Ideal Partner

Describe your ideal partner.... well that is a very one sided question. I don't think there would be words that could describe feelings. Unless you hit up ChatGPT for some inspiration. My ideal partner would be someone who values deep conversations, personal growth, and enjoys taking on challenges together. They'd appreciate a balance between meaningful moments and lighthearted fun, creating a fulfilling connection that embraces both aspects of my personality.

My Preferences

Prefer not to say
Doesn’t matter
I’d prefer a non smoker
Has Children:
Doesn’t matter
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