Lostinbonkers is looking to meet women from Sunshine, Melbourne, VIC

44, men - Separated
Seeking women Between 35-45
Sunshine, VIC 3020

About Me

Just your average dropkick. Like making stuff and working with my hands, and ludicrously dangerous power tools (seriously, they\\\'ll sell a chainsaw to any idiot), despite it occasionally ending in swearing, fire, or a joy ride in a van with purdy flashing lights. Honesty and loyalty are at the top of my expectations, unless you want to force a unconvincing laugh at my terrible jokes, then that little bit of dishonesty is more than acceptable (I\\\'ll only cry a little bit, and usually out of sight, I promise). I\\\'m super relaxed, don\\\'t sweat the small shit, but ironically enjoy the little things, always open to new experiences/cultures/peoples, but will most likely call out a***hattery when I see it. Love the outdoors, and my doggo, like to get out to the wilderness as often as possible, throw myself down a mountain, clutching a bike, dig holes in the yard or bang random nails into even more random lumps of timber. I love learning new stuff, and dabble in everything from electronics, to woodwork, to art, I just bought a fancy welder, so if you need 2 pieces of metal melted together, I just may be your knight in shining armour, provided you\\\'re willing to accept the risk of a small to medium fire, and/or a permanent tan. Life\\\'s pretty busy so I often have to let long, romantic walks with the aforementioned dog, sate my wonderlust. I cook often, clean less so, and am an ace ironer. I think that\\\'s it......oh, I have a double jointed pinky on my left hand, make a great designated driver, as I\\\'m not an overly enthusiastic drinker, I love the blues and old school rock, but am open to most music that is made on actual instruments, but can sing every MC Hammer song from memory. Is that enough? It\\\'s been a frigging long time since I\\\'ve even thought about this dating malarkey, but am ready to rejoin society and meet some interesting new people, so give me a little leeway, thanks.

My Interests

Cycling, drawing, manganeering, camping, books, movies, music, first aid, terrible jokes, skiing (snow, water skiing will likely blow my bandaid budget), taking myself completely and far too seriously, nature, mountains, gardening, cooking, music, movies, reading, travel, art, technology, science, family, education, cars, four wheel driving, animals, motorcycles, dancing badly, making a fool of myself, laughing, my kids, learning, different cultures, metal working, wood working, architecture, people watching

Lifestyle & Personality

I don’t drink
I don’t smoke


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I have children

Looking For

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My Ideal Partner

Looking for a honest and caring lady, who is not afraid to laugh at herself. Willing to share the good and bad things that life presents, and has the strength to stand up to any situation. Must be independent, but also be able to ask for help when things get too much. Must love dogs and be open to spending some time with my two little cherubs. Opinions are welcome, as is the strength of character to defend them when questioned or consider someone else's point of view. Life would be boring as hell if we all agreed on everything. Most of all I'm looking for someone who will stand with me though thick and thin, as I would do for you.

My Preferences

Doesn’t matter
Doesn’t matter
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Doesn’t matter
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