loganpol is looking to meet women from Drysdale, Clifton Springs, VIC

43, men - Married
Seeking women Between 35-45
Drysdale, VIC 3222

About Me

I work as a mechanic. I like my job because I like the thought that people entrust something they spent so much money on to me. I try my best to take care of whatever is brought into my shop because I respect the time and effort people put into creating the machine. I am a simple man, I live in a small apartment which I love. I do have the capability to upgrade where I live but I honestly feel no need to. I like just having what I need and nothing more.

My Interests

I like collecting memories more than collecting objects. I like to keep my material possessions on the more minimal side to keep space in my mind for more memories. I like to spend time with loved ones and make happy memories with them. I'm not too good at social interactions which is why I decided to come on here.

Lifestyle & Personality

I party hard
I’m trying to quit


Have Children:
I have children

Looking For

I'm here for:
I’d like to meet someone to marry

My Ideal Partner

My ideal partner is someone who lives within the Cliffton Springs area. I want someone who can have a happy life living minimally with me. I want a girl who will travel the world with me and enjoy coming home to our small apartment where we'd discuss the places we've been and the things we've seen. I enjoy talking to the people I love and checking in on them so I would like to meet someone who would not get annoyed by that.

My Preferences

I’m okay if they drink
I’m okay if they smoke
Has Children:
I’d prefer someone without children
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