Logan988 is looking to meet women from North Beach, Wallaroo, SA

29, men - Divorced
Seeking women Between 25-35
North Beach, SA 5556

About Me

I have been a mechanic my whole life. Cars are my passion and I am happy that I can make a living off this. Wise Investing has enabled me to be financially stable. That's one thing I am serious about and I am willing to work hard for. When we meet, you will find that I probably talk less than you. I like to observe and think more than I talk. But, that said, I am really skilled at conversation.

My Interests

I love cars and apart from those of my customers, I am usually working on some side projects, trying to create something insane. I love dangerous fun and I’ve been skydiving over a hundred times. I have a certificate for it - that's how much I love it. I love watching live plays and going to music concerts. I am always looking out for the next big one.

Lifestyle & Personality

I party hard
I smoke occasionally


Have Children:
I don’t have children but want some

Looking For

I'm here for:

My Ideal Partner

Can I find a nice woman aged between 25 and 35? I am looking for single women with no kids. I do not have any myself but I would like to have some in the near future. I am looking for someone who is intelligent, beautiful and outspoken. I am a Christian myself but I don't care much about religion.

My Preferences

I’m okay if they drink
I’m okay if they smoke
Has Children:
Doesn’t matter
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