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About Me

I work as a zookeeper at the local zoo. I have a veterinary course from college so my job is to make sure all the animals are in the best shape they can be. I make sure all the animals are also enjoying their respective habitats. The zoo I wok for has a wide variety of animals so I have to read up on most of them just to make sure we are caring for them they best way possible.

My Interests

I love animals. I love taking care of them and being around them. I feel like I currently have a relationship with all the animals in our zoo because I have spent so much time and effort into understanding their habits and building a connection with them just so I would know how to handle them in certain situations. Animals are magnificent and I love being surrounded by these amazing creatures

Lifestyle & Personality

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My Ideal Partner

I am looking for man who lives within the Kyneton area. I want someone who also loves animals and has a deep care and appreciation for these creatures. I want someone who is strong and independent but also loving and nurturing. I am looking for a man who is a little hard on the outside but a huge teddy bear softy on the inside. I am looking for someone who just wants something fun and light. No major commitments/

My Preferences

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