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About Me

I am comparatively new to Canberra, having moved up here from regional Victoria in 2018. I am an enrolled nurse, and I love my job. I like children and animals. I have a grey tabby cat. I love to travel, read, cook and I love plants. I am a bit introverted so may be shy at first, but am loyal kind and caring when I open up to the right person.

My Interests

I love cooking travel, reading and going on long drives. I love animals and children. Spring and autumn are my favorite seasons. I dont go out to socialise much, and prefer to spend time away from work with close friends than in a pub. I am an enrolled nurse, and I love my job.

Lifestyle & Personality

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I don’t smoke


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My Ideal Partner

My ideal partner would be emotionally open, kind, caring and able to have long conversations about nothing in particular. Would love animals and like children. Would appreciate the value of family. Would enjoy travel, and enjoy their work. Would be just as happy staying in for the evening as going out to socialise.

My Preferences

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