Grovian67 is looking to meet women from Ashgrove West, Brisbane, QLD

66, men - Divorced
Seeking women Doesn’t matter
Ashgrove West, QLD 4060

About Me

Sixty seven years old retired divorced single hippy/punk/skeg. Bit of a recluse,when I\\\'m not out and about. Love a laugh,love cookin and like my dogs a bit much. I like flying kites and rod fishing without hooks or bait. I travelled far and wide when young and am looking at revisiting some fav places.

My Interests

I like meeting new people going new places and doing new things..long train trips..the beach..mountain play list is made up of..bluegrass,blues,rock,punk,bad country ena little hip-hop..ncatching up with the granchillen. I follow sports without being all a lather about it. I follow politics so I have someone to yell at I don\'t know

Lifestyle & Personality

I drink socially
I smoke occasionally


Have Children:
I have children but don’t want anymore

Looking For

I'm here for:
Non committed fun

My Ideal Partner

As I'm not necessarily looking for an ideal,let's try for someone thinks she might be able to put up with me a little. Someone maybe think I sound like I could cope with them and there foibles,I would hope for foibles, foibles would be ideal. Oops! Back where we started

My Preferences

Doesn’t matter
Doesn’t matter
Has Children:
Doesn’t matter
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