Gregles is looking to meet women from Humbug Scrub, Adelaide Hills/Mount Lofty Ranges, SA

63, men - Single
Seeking women Between 45-55
Humbug Scrub, SA 5114

About Me

hello you lot well me im on a disability pension due to being bullied out of work. i am building a earth covered house well slowwly. im on solar power and rain water . i have aspergers that has effect like no liking phone calls or surprise visits. one you get to know me tho im sweet generous and told i have a nice butt. i have been single all my life and seek that thing called love i have pockets full of love for someone who will acccept me. gee its hard to describe ones self well my batteris ruin everything yes even through winter i have two sheds one brick 9by 7 and a big tin shed 24 by 12mtrs it is full of stuff for the house .timber for a parquuatry floor cupourds seats beds so i just need the house lol. im in a carravan on the block till i get the house. going to be 3 bedroom 2 bathrooms 2 toilets one laundry. the walls are mostly done then it the concrete roof then back fill around the house. its going to be a while tho as the council want me to apply again it sucks well so im here looking so chat or not its up to you now. the aspergers affects me in many ways but still need love . is that 50 words yet lol ive never smoked it stinks or done drugs wel the illigal ones . dont drink any alcohol at all. i do emails to enquier for bits at the moment im rebuilding the dam water pump that pumps the dam water up to a tank on top of the hill for watering fire and mixing morter or concrete. its a one piston pump from 1909 made by f e myers and dad got it for me from a market years ago both parents are gone so its just me. its all solar powered in a brick pump shged made with the left overs from the 8 by 7 shed it has aluminium french doors on it as were i worked the sales guy stuffed up so they were free lol i set random bits of stone in the walls just cos i could it has a tiled roof from tiles dad had . there are 2 solar panels on that roof and 3 more up on a pole to be above the trees or try to lol all my setup is 24v dc and i have 2 invertors to make 240v one is runing the van the other is the shed stuff all the tools and machines. i have 5 ford escorts in the big tin shed all waiting to get done . one is drivable sorta just have to do the timing on it then regester it my van is not big so its cramped scared of bushfires while im in the van the house will be fire proff so can just stay in that when its done i have double hung windows they slide up n down in bronze finish . i have a atrium that ill grow ferns etc in there was a big rock the backhoe couldnt move so the atrium was made arround it . there is a 4 pannel sliding door into that. the spiral stairs will also be in the atrium. ones the roof in on i can then build the atrium walls up with double glazed fied windows and a double french door to the landing. the hot water tank will sit on the other end of the landing so gravity feed to everything. i have a instant hot water now but when its finnished there will be 4 solar hot water pannels on the roof soil. the soilon the roof will be 450mm deep then plants on that in my head i see it all lol just need love/ im on fb and have 215 friends that dont talk to me lonelness sucks.yep i like the beatles got all the records even bootleg tho a lot got dammaged when water got into the tunnle i was storing stuff in till i got the big shed. the tunnle is a back doo my niece sugested it one day saying ide have to go out the front doors to take out the washing its nifty i have wirering in for lights eventualy . there is stone segments set in along the tunnle and has a concrete curved roof all covered with soil. ill make some doors for the end that will be fire proof. well ive counted more than 50 words but it wont go to the next step.dont do tv as to much crap on there . i watch netfix and disney with a few other free movie sites

My Interests

ford escorts leadlighting potery solar beatles 60s music sleeping in winter. ive made some lead light eyes to go in the front doors i made they will have steel straps on them made to fit a frame ordered wrong at one of my work places. ill do leadlighting widows in the kitchen fixed window and a dragon leadlight for the main bedroom fixed window

Lifestyle & Personality

I don’t drink
I don’t smoke


Have Children:
I don’t have children

Looking For

I'm here for:

My Ideal Partner

some one that likes doing thing making things or just watching somthing on the net . who understands me and my uniqness. someone that like nature and want to help native animals have a place .to live. not scared of raiun water . can go for walks . . well just be nice

My Preferences

I’d prefer a non drinker
I’d prefer a non smoker
Has Children:
Doesn’t matter
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