CrazyMamaHere is looking to meet men from New Residence, Loxton, SA

18, women - Single
Seeking men Between 25-35
New Residence, SA 5333

About Me

I just left school and I am really thrilled. I know college will be harder than HIGH SCHOOL but it will be so much fun- if the movies are anything to go by. I am a bubbly 18-year-old girl living in Pata. I am so used to this place that I do not think any other location would be as good. Although I might seem like all play, I really can be serious when need arises.

My Interests

There is good and bad in the world. I choose to focus on the good. I am into philosophy and I am currently looking at stoicism. I don\'t think it would be the right way of life for me though. I love baking but only if there is a really special occasion. I make colourful abstract paintings which those around me say are good. Want to check them out? Message me.

Lifestyle & Personality

I drink socially
I smoke occasionally


Have Children:
I don’t have children

Looking For

I'm here for:
Non committed fun

My Ideal Partner

I am here for fun guys above 25 from the New Residence area. I really want local people so if you are not from this location then do not message me. I just want a little bit of fun before I go off to college... to have more fun. Lol. Please note that this is for no strings attached fun. I am not looking to be turned into a Mrs just yet.

My Preferences

Doesn’t matter
I’m okay if they smoke
Has Children:
Doesn’t matter
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