Sex and Dating Survey: Free Dating Australia Releases Public Poll

After 6 months of public polling, online dating site Free Dating Australia has finally released its data compiled by their members and website visitors. If you’re curious about what other Australian singles and couples think about what most of us keep to ourselves, here’s a unique snapshot into the minds of thousands of Aussie’s who participated in this poll.

How often do you think about sex?

According-to the 860-people surveyed, 42% think about sex 5 times each day, 35% 10 times a day, and 24% just once a week. You can add your vote here.

Is it okay to flirt when you’re in a relationship?

According-to online dating site Free Dating Australia, more than 12,000 Aussie singles and couples cast their vote as to whether or not it’s okay to flirt whilst in a relationship, the majority thought not, but only by a slim margin. Add your vote here.

What most attracts you to the opposite sex?

When it came to whether looks, personality or finances was the winning trait when looking for a match, according-to the 388 respondents who polled in this survey, surprisingly, just 2% chose financial position and personality beat looks hands down! What attracts you to the opposite sex?

What is an acceptable age difference for a couple?

When it came to age differences with relationships and dating, nearly half considered 10 years acceptable. Whether the age difference is as little as 5 years or more than 10 years, it seems age isn’t all that important, you can have your say here.

Would you actually-meet someone face-to-face from a dating site, or are you just curious?

It seems people are taking online dating very seriously! 84% of those surveyed (3445 people) are willing to take a chance and take it offline. 16% used online dating for mere window shopping. Cast your vote here.

17,748 Australian men and women participated in the above 5 polls. If you have ever wondered about what people really and truthfully think about the questions asked in this poll, now you have the answers. These polls are still active and further contributions are welcome.