Secret Turn Ons That Will Boost Your Dating Game

Turning someone on, or being turned on, usually resonates with sensual assumptions. Although this remains true, try and remember that when you turn someone on mentally the physical term associated with turning someone on can often follow.

In the dating game when it concerns men, if you are looking at how to turn your partner on and make sparks fly, first take steps to seduce her mind with creative conversation starters. Most women prefer the mental stimulation side of things in order to seccumb to the next level.

Aside from dark chocolate and oysters, what are some other turn ons that put people in the mood?
Popular and well-known aphrodisiac techniques are not hard to identify: chilli peppers, oysters, dark chocolate, honey and candlelight sexy massages with alluring Donna Summer background music.

Although in this world full of so many beautiful and unique people who may not necessarily find eating sea-giant boogers as a cue to start undressing you, surely there’s other untapped methods to get turned on?
Thankfully, Free Dating Australia has tapped into plenty of data that people find arousing. Things like being kissed in the rain – among other neat ideas to help turn your date-night into let’s do it tonight!

Being Kissed in the Rain

Being kissed in the rain struck a romantic chord and a point of excitement for 92% of respondents in a recent online survey. So the message here is to plant yourself, with your date in the middle of the next downpour without the help of an umbrella and watch the sparks fly.


Linking intelligence to attractiveness has always been a very sext trait – and the data backs this up with 70% of daters admitting to being attracted and turned-on through stimulating and intelligent conversation. Perhaps that’s the very reason many babies are conceived following a fiery game of Yahtzee. Although not statistically proven, but does make one wonder. Strangely though (or not), 4% actually thought intelligence was a turn-off.



Okay so this one is generally for the vocally gifted, if you do however have the ability, and the confidence, to bang out those spine chilling notes mark my words that those high notes aren’t the only thing you’ll be banging tonight.
And if it turns out that you and your new friend are both equally talented in the singing department go and hit the local karaoke bar together. What a fantastic and memorable first date! 62% of singles thought singing was a massive turn on – fancy taking some vocal lessons?

The Mysterious one and the Martial Artist

Here’s one that’s a bit left of field but interesting nonetheless. 35% of respondents consider martial artists to be a turn on, while 30% thought that mysterious people lit their fire.
Does having both of these qualities, a mysterious martial artist, double your attractiveness? Go over to Netflix and watch Kill Bill and the answer will be revealed.



The myth that arrogance being associated with the bad boy thing turns out to be a myth! Arrogant people are not attractive according to 85% of respondents. Finally, some truth to this long-running nonsense that people are attracted to those who treat them like dirt, I mean really? The other 15% who think it’s sexy to be rude and arrogant are self-proclaimed demigods who know nothing when it comes to love.


Charisma is an instantly appealing and compelling means of attraction, and you’ll be more attractive to be around. By taking steps to work on boosting your charisma in social settings, you’ll strengthen your dating game. Remember, however you’re feeling inside will reflect on what kind of energy you give off externally. Charismatic behaviour is contagious and will radiate positive energy to those around you.

Being open

For many years, researchers and psychologists have studied that when someone crosses their arms or legs, it’s a sign this person feels intimidated. This kind of body language can also mean a person is feeling nervous. Body posture is important when you meet someone for the first time. There’s a strong correlation between an open body posture and self-confidence.

Spend time on yourself

Spending time on yourself is non negotiable if you’re looking to boost your dating game. Diet, exercising, trying and being open to new things and spending time with a variety of different people will open yourself up to a new world of unimaginable possibilities.

If you’ve had little luck in the dating game previously, and after you spend time on yourself, it’s quite common for someone to realise they have been pursuing the wrong type of people and that certain types of women are not for you.

When you start focusing on yourself, it’s a natural transformation to open yourself up to a wealth of new possibilities hence you’ll start attracting the right people.

Women adore men who are confident and are in control and to achieve this, you’ll need to spend time on yourself to help boost your dating game.

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