How to Make the First Move on a Girl if You’re Shy

Let me ask you a question. If you’re a single guy and you kind of know you lucked out a bit in the looks department – okay so you’re no Chris Hemsworth or Brad Pitt! If you’re in denial about your looks reach down deep and come to terms with the fact that this is something out of your control, something you need to get passed if you’re ever going to move on and learn how to make the first move on a girl if you’re shy.

Don’t take this the wrong way, I’m not saying you’re actually down-right ugly – not at all! The good news is that most girls find attraction in weird and bizarre ways – you’ve seen it a million times “What does she see in that guy”

Your complete guide on how to make the first move on a girl if you’re shy: Engage with strangers, build a plan, practice in front of the mirror, remove the thought of what’s next, you aren’t a fortune teller.

Still with me? Keep reading.

So very often is the case when we see a beautiful girl and think “wow she’s so good looking I would never stand a chance I’m just too shy.”

Well today I’m going to share with you 5 ways you can get your dating game on track with these simple tips about how to make the first move on a girl if you’re shy.

Shy guys

  1. Engage with strangers

There is zero pressure here with this method of building your confidence by engaging with strangers as a dress rehearsal to approaching women. Use this approach by innocently chatting to strangers in your daily routine. Ask the cashier or shop attendant how their day is. Ask her what she thinks of this or that product. It doesn’t need to start off as flirting, this is a practice run for the real deal.

These are simple ideas to help you become a better conversationalist. These daily social interactions will in fact boost your confidence simply by going about your daily routine and chatting to people in a non-confrontational way and building your social skills at the same time.

  1. Build a plan

Shyness is a problem, just like any other problem – you need a plan to fix that problem. Example, you’re overweight, and you need a solution to that problem by cutting down on junk food and hitting the gym. To fix your shyness problem you need a plan just like the overweight guy.

In order to go from shy to confident you need a plan, a road map! Start to love yourself and who you are to improve your appearance. Change your lifestyle, eating habits. Updating your appearance will pay off! Guys, you have to put the work in to look good there’s no way around it.

Go buy yourself a grooming pack. Shaving kit, shower beauty pack, oral care kit, hair style products, skin care and cologne. Spend $100 and go buy yourself a new grooming kit to help build your confidence as part of your plan to help you learn how to make the first move on a girl if you’re shy.

  1. Practice in front of the mirror  

shy men

Some guys are just so socially awkward they can’t even engage in small talk, but you’re not alone, it simply means there’s more effort and more work to do. Head over to the bathroom and try to have a conversation with yourself in front of the mirror. Now you can assess your hand movements, your expressions and your overall demeanour. What you want to do is make sure you’re not looking nervous and awkward. Then dress up, grab your grooming kit and make some adjustments to sharpen up your performance.

  1. Remove the thought of what’s next

Most shy guys are terrified of the what’s next scenario.  What happens after “hi” ? Well the truth is no one knows what’s next after “hi” All you can do is go in there and get started with your very best game plan asking open ended questions. There are so many questions your can ask to help salvage the conversation.

If you’re in the school library or university, you could ask something like “what made you take this major how do you even study for it?” Stuff like that that’s going to encourage some on-going dialogue and prompts her to open up and give you a lot of information – you can grab this and start asking more and more questions.

Think of it as lots of tree branches, from the very first initial branch makes lots and lots of other branches by asking more and more questions and keep the conversation going.

  1. You aren’t a fortune teller

Your shyness and lack of confidence comes down to the fact that you think you can predict the future – you can’t! When I first met the girl of my dreams, I could have never guessed at the time she’d become my soul mate and best friend. If I didn’t make a move back then I’d have never ended up with such a great catch.

Truth is, anyone can do it! Try not to get caught up with doubting and judging your visual appeal. Women and far deeper than this, unlike a lot of men. Now go lock yourself in the bathroom and get to work!