Do Women Secretly Love One Night Stands?

Yes, we get it: Men love sex. Just about every commercial that sells sex on one level or another features a smoking hot woman in various forms of compromising positions. And men have long since been accused as the gender that overtly adores and seeks out one night stands.

But do woman love casual romps too?

There’s a myth running around that woman are emotional creatures (ok, that part is true) that don’t have the capacity to let loose and have fun with sex. That, my friends, is an all out lie. While it’s completely valid that woman have the propensity to be more emotionally connected, while men are more physically prone, but those generalizations just don’t hold true across the board. There’s a little thing called evolution in our worlds, and it allows for the dynamics to shift and change in unexpected ways.

Here’s how it breaks down for women who love one night stands; either one of two attributes will be present.

1) It’s simply not true that all women need to feel an emotional bond to enjoy any kind of sexual act. Some women are beautifully in touch with the primal sides, and can put aside the heart space long enough to sincerely enjoy a purely physical connection. While these ladies may be in the minority, our modern day liberations have allowed for all types of femme fatales to own who they are, the their numbers are plenty.

2) Ever hear of woman’s intuition? Of course you have (and men get to have it too, by the way.) Many women are highly intuitive and thus prone to quickly trusting their emotional impulses. This means that sincere emotions can be present for a mate (male or female) in as little as a few hours. Some women know very, very quickly if they have a connection with someone, which means that even a one night stand can be emotionally gratifying.
So there goes the myth that ladies can’t embrace a little promiscuity. Just gaze through an online dating site like Tindr – it’s very clear some of the women aren’t there to fall in love. Or if they are up for romance, it can be had in a single night. Here’s the tricky part of this dynamic: If woman can enjoy casual sex, that means there are plenty of men who DON’T want a single night of primal release.


Women often assume the guy they’ve met online might only be after certain body parts, and if that woman happens to be kosher with one nighters, she may have a hidden agenda. Men, therefore, are these days finding themselves at the receiving end of an unwanted casual encounter. Women, on the contrary, assume that’s all men want, so there are many missed connections that could have gone much deeper if both parties had agreed to communicate their wants and needs.

The moral of the story is simple: If you’re an online or offline dater, be real about what you’re after. It may no be appropriate to advertise your love of one-nighters on a profile (but if you want to own it, by all means, go for it) – that said, anyone you plan to swap bodily fluids with at least deserves the honesty of your agenda. Ladies, don’t assume that hot guy you’re gearing to go out with only has sex on the brain. He just might be relationship material. And guys, don’t assume your next date is fragile and emotionally clinging. She just might be the one leaving you a note on your pillow the next morning.

Enough with the bogus myths. Women love sex too. As you navigate the wild world of dating, just be honest. For whatever you’re into, there’s a (sexy) mate that wants the same. You just gotta go out there and find them.