AngelicSoul333 is looking to meet women from Oxley, Canberra, ACT

38, men - Single
Seeking women Between 35-45
Oxley, ACT 2903

About Me

An angelic soul that has wandered for many years bringing change and service to others, I'm quite knowledgeable about many topics and have many tales. I am not indoctrinated by the system what so ever and see through the veil of illusions, also love all aspects of life especially grounding myself in nature admiring the magical aura shinning from the trees and inspiring birds flying free in the sky.

My Interests

Love in depth discussions and healthy debates, Promoting new ideas and thoughts, Learning something new each day and high vibe healthy eating. Giving advice to strangers who randomly vent their problems / frustrations to me, Helping and teaching others, Thinking / living outside the box, Inner work / self discovery, Learning and discussing knowledge, Music, Homeopathy, Crystals and Angels.

Lifestyle & Personality

I don’t drink
I don’t smoke


Have Children:
I don’t have children

Looking For

I'm here for:

My Ideal Partner

Looking for someone who is genuine, honest and true to themselves. Someone who walks their own path and not afraid to think / speak their mind. Someone who can see this world is not as it seems and wants to bring change, One who thinks outside the box and is not a slave to technology. Spiritual, Smart, Witty with a sprinkle of humour that will inspire me as much as I will inspire them on this journey.

My Preferences

I’d prefer a non drinker
I’d prefer a non smoker
Has Children:
Doesn’t matter
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