8 Signs you don’t Have to Worry About Him Cheating

Have you ever wished you could read the mind of your partner and tell whether he is cheating on you or not? Well, it turns out that there are some things you can do to predict how likely it is for your man to go astray. No, this is not mindreading just some behavioral traits that might precede cheating.
Here are 8 Signs your man won’t cheat on you
1. He is honest in other areas
An honest person will most likely not cheat on you because, well, cheating is essentially dishonesty. Is he constantly lying to you about money, his whereabouts, who he is with and such? If the can lie to you about anything,, especially the more serious stuff, you have reason to expect him to lie about not cheating.
2. You have never cheated on him
Revenge. There are chances that you might experience the reality of that word if you have cheated on your man before. Especially if you did not take the time to work things through properly, expect some ghosts to arise.
This may not always be out of malicious revenge, but since cheating betrays trust, it becomes easier for him to betray yours as well, not necessarily to hurt you back.
3. He has never cheated
Old habits die hard. If your partner has cheated on you, you will likely be cheated on again, and again, and maybe again if you do not do something about it. Of course, people change and you might find yourself being paranoid for nothing, which might run your relationship into the ground. This is simply a reason to keep your eyes open.
4. He has no secrets
You have to be good at, and willing to keep secrets if you are to start and sustain an affair. Has your man ever kept any secrets from you? Not tiny trivial secrets (which are bad still) but serious ones such as a kid they never told you about, or keeping the fact that they were fired 6 months ago from their job. If your man is able to hide such big details of his life, what else could he be hiding? The fact that they have a side chick, maybe?
5. He is open with his life
Can you name 5 of his friends on the top of your head? Do you know his immediate workmates? Chances of your man cheating go down if he shares his life with you. You do not have to know everything about his friends or workmates, but at least some the most important should be in your knowledge.
6. He is not selfish
Cheating is a sign of selfishness. It means they care only about themselves and are willing to have fun and enjoy themselves no matter who they hurt. Selfishness is also a sign that your man might or is cheating on you. If he is the kind of guy that often sacrifices his own fun time to be with you, someone that cancels his own programs for your sake, you might want to drop your worry- He most likely cannot cheat on you.
7.  He is busy
Busy people will cheat less because they do not have enough time to wander about. It is hard to juggle school, work, and relationships and if the schedule is particularly tight, chances are your man won’t have the time to squeeze in an affair. But that is not very comforting, is it? Who really wants to be with a man that cannot cheat only because he is busy?
8. You Have Good Sex
People cheat for different reasons and one of the top ones is bad sex. If he is not getting it from you when he thinks he should, he might get it from somewhere else. A good sex life is therefore a sign that all might be well.
These 8 are not evidence for cheating. They are simply things you should look at when considering your partenr’s likelihood to cheat.