10 Unwritten Rules of Online Dating

Like anything, there is a certain way to go about online dating that guarantees a higher degree of success. From the time you set up your dating profile through the first message you craft or receive and right to the first date, there are some things you should and shouldn’t do in order to get results from your efforts.

These are of course not all set in stone. Making some mistakes may mean total failure, while others might be more of just trends.

Here are 10 rules of online dating that you should not ignore.

1. Have a pic or preferably more

This is what first attracts the attention of potential mates. A profile without a pic shows that you are not serious or just are not confident with your looks. Just remember to use a good clear pic. A low-resolution image might be an indication of your lack of seriousness. It’s easy to get a good pic with all the smartphones around. If you are really serious, you might also consider getting a professional profile pic.

2. Never play hard to get

Playing hard to get won’t win you any points in the online dating game. If you are interested, just go right ahead and show it. Most people are trying to find a mate online because they have no time and that just won’t sit well with your hide and seek. Besides, there are way too many people online to switch to.

3. Being full of yourself

Bragging on your profile, in your messages, or your dates is a way to turn the other off quickly. Keep your achievements, no matter how great, to yourself unless talking about them is absolutely appropriate.

4. Lack of confidence

But if you are too modest again, you might just come across as off-putting. Avoid saying things like “I have never done this and I am really bad at it.”

5. Don’t get clever with the camera

Make sure the pic you use is authentic. Even if great Photoshop skills were necessary for your dating success, your profile photo would not be the best way to show them off. Be as natural as possible to avoid potential mates from chasing a non-existent appearance. The same applies to using old photos. Be sure to use a current image.

6. A sexy pic for your profile shows desperation

There are other ways you might be tempted to boost your dating game through your profile pic – a sexy photo. But no matter how attractive your features might be, trying to use them to find a partner is superficial and will only make you come off as only interested in sex.

7. Call them the next day

There used to be an unwritten rule of traditional dating: do not call them immediately. That, however, is one way to kill your success when it comes to online dating. If you are really interested why get things moving at a slower pace than they normally should.

8. Split the bill

Want to show some responsibility on your first date? Split the bill. Since you are two grown adults, it would make a really great impression if you took up the other end of your bill.

9. Meet as quick as possible

Don’t waste too much time just talking on phone or online. Move things to meeting as soon as it is appropriate to do so. The idea is to know what kind of person you are dealing with as quickly as possible for the both you to make your decision on whether you would like to proceed.

10 Be Safe out there

In everything you do, never forget your safety. Do not share sensitive information such as addresses or bank details too early. Even when you meet, do not to any an isolated area. Go to a public place and make sure you inform at least one friend or family member. There is no need to be paranoid, though. So long you follow the same old basic rule, you will be safe.